About GumLeafGreen Retreat

What is GumLeafGreen Retreat

GumLeafGreen Retreat is an offshoot of GumLeafGreen that is collaborating with Forage to offer a virtual internship. The internship is a professional masterclass that helps build the skills and confidence of people who want to become job-ready, future-proof their careers and thrive in all facets of life.

The GumLeafGreen Retreat brand story

Most gum trees have something hidden under their bark that gives them a ‘fire advantage’ over many other trees. After a fire, under their insulating bark, buds begin to emerge and send out clumps of shoots over the bare trunks and branches of the surviving trees. With rain and sunlight, they form new branches.

For a graduate, the ‘fire advantage’ is the non-technical professional skills that are crucial to employability and success. The ‘fire’ is the relentless pace of change and disruption in the modern workplace, which requires a graduate to quickly adapt from the world of education to the strikingly different world of work.

GumLeafGreen Retreat helps graduates to thrive by helping them develop their ‘fire advantage’.



verb: change one’s mind or plans as a result of difficulty

noun: a quiet or secluded place to rest and relax