I wanted to get in touch to let you know that I have received a spot in the [international law firm] clerkship program! I’m completely shocked but very excited as you can imagine!

When they called me to let me know the outcome, they gave me a lot of feedback about my interview. The main thing they said they were impressed with was my confidence, my authenticity and my honesty. They liked that I was honest about only developing an interest in commercial law recently, and thought that I seemed genuine in my motivation for wanting to work there.

My approach to the interview really shifted after our Zoom session, and I really feel I have to thank you for all your advice in regards to being honest and genuine. Evidently this is what got me over the line, and it has been such a good life lesson for me to learn as I enter the workforce.

Law student


I would very much like to mention my meeting with Sue Tomat, a gifted instructor on presentation and communication. The discussion with her revolved around the topic of being able to communicate lessons to both neurodiverse people and those who would be working alongside them and her expertise was greatly appreciated in this regard. Sue has personally taught extensive clientele across the Asia-Pacific region and from the very start of our meeting that expertise showed. She displayed passion, wisdom and gentle guidance with almost every sentence. She had captured my colleagues’ and my attention right from the word ‘go’. After meeting her and taking her advice to heart, the confidence I feel when presenting an idea that can potentially push boundaries has never been higher….

Intern who worked on Neurodiversity Hub Phase 2 Project (Jan-May 2019) and has now joined one of the local big banks as a Trainee Data Analyst


I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible session you ran this morning – it was a truly valuable experience.  I am so grateful for your insight, and am looking forward to applying it in my upcoming interviews.

Law student


I attended your skills session this morning. I wanted to express my gratitude for your time this morning. I found the session extremely insightful and I feel much more confident entering the next round of the recruitment process, or any interview process I will ever face again!



I just want to thank you again for the skill session the other week. I had my first interview yesterday and I can tell you that your advice was invaluable and went a long way in making me feel in control and comfortable throughout.



Attendance at Sue’s work readiness workshop had a life changing impact on my potential career trajectory. In short, her ability to communicate relevant information and engage students is exceptional and a truly invaluable experience with positive long-term effects. In my case, Sue offered me a reality check by addressing job suitability in a professional manner. Her honesty, integrity and transparent communication ultimately allowed me to listen and trust her. I am so grateful to have received the opportunity to attend her workshop and would encourage all students to do the same where possible. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my early career decisions which were initiated and encouraged by Sue. Thank you.



I wanted to thank you for the talk you gave at UNSW Law recently. I found it to be extremely relevant, insightful and inspiring – I think your talk should be part of our curriculum!

I think mental health and resilience among law students is an area that is really neglected whilst at law school, and I wanted to thank you for giving us strategies and a space where we can address some of the challenges we’ll face.



I just wanted to say thanks again for your session a couple of weeks ago – it really helped calm my nerves and put my best foot forward in my clerkship interview.

Paralegal and final year law student


I am just emailing you to thank you for opening my eyes up to the concept of using simple vocabulary to maximise the effectiveness of my communication. In the time I was there, I learnt more in 90 minutes than I usually would in 3 hours. Ironically, while law is meant to IMPROVE my written and verbal communication skills, it has actually made them extremely inefficient. This is what I promptly realised at the seminar’s conclusion.

It is very rare that I come across someone with the ability to instantly create rapport with such a diverse range of people, while at the same time, being so natural in the way they communicate. I have always advocated the skills of rapport-building and effective communication as being the two most important factors to someone’s future success and I genuinely think you have mastered both of these skills.

I have been trying to immediately implement the skills you taught us at the workshop, but I am instinctively falling back in to a style of communication characterised by complicated and flowery language (as you can probably tell from this email). With time, I hope to reach your level of proficiency in verbal and written communication.

Once again, I want to thank you for such an enjoyable workshop and for highlighting the fact that over-complicated vocabulary is more of a sign of ‘insecurity’ than it is intelligence.

Commerce law student


It was an absolute privilege to meet you at the event at the UNSW Law School. I would like to say a huge thank you for dedicating your time and expertise to speak to us. All the feedback I’ve received has been brilliant and everyone thought the event was informative and genuine! 

I personally was fascinated by everything that you were speaking about. I think everything you said was relevant to law students who are tackling issues around careers. You gave such a unique perspective!

Law student


I wanted to thank you for your insightful and persuasive seminar at Graduate Academy in Sydney. My team in Melbourne has often talked about your session being the most helpful to everyday practice out of all the training we are given, and I would agree. In dealing with insurance clients who are quite sophisticated litigators, it is very apparent that readers’ logic is their preferred way of receiving advice, and I hope that your techniques catch on more broadly across the firm.



It was really nice to finally meet someone in the profession who is so candid and is attempting to break down some of the walls that make it difficult for so many lawyers to feel truly happy and fulfilled. I was actually quite touched by some of the things you said and I found the discussions quite profound as well. So, thank you for being so honest and open. 



I listened to you speak at the Skills Session today and was extremely inspired by your attitude on law and life in general!

Law student


I thought it was the most useful training I had received regarding written communication throughout my university and PLT education. I hope to utilise all the skills you shared as I commence my legal career.

All of your points were so well thought out and they all really resonated with me. I agree wholeheartedly with the principles of providing the most efficient and effective service to the client and the use of common sense goes a long way to ensure that occurs.



Sue challenged our thinking first, provided us with the principles then convincingly explained to us why.  Sue also proved that training is not always boring!

Paralegal and law student


I write to express my gratitude to Sue for delivering a highly informative and useful interview skills session yesterday in Sydney.

I found her guidance to be very enlightening and valuable. It is beneficial to hear advice that is grounded in practicalities and, as she was eager to encourage, ‘reality’.

Law student


I wanted to thank you for the Skills Session you hosted today.  Your advice about the Clerkship recruitment process was really practical and genuinely invaluable.  I particularly appreciated your emphasis on our power of choice as potential employees during the clerkship period, which I feel is often under-emphasised. It’s allowed me to view the recruitment process as something that is not just a selection process, but also an important opportunity to inform myself as much as possible to ensure it’s the right ‘fit’ for me.

Law student


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you once again for generously giving up your time to speak with law students. We received some very positive feedback from the students after the event – for example, I quote ‘SO GOOD! Sorry I had to rush to class. She was amazing though, so glad I went! That brain stuff was so fascinating!’

Law student


It was great to meet you last week – you are a great inspiration for young women like myself who are new to the professional environment and all of its challenges!

Psychologist, innovation consultant and law student


I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you for your time in speaking with us this afternoon. As a (slightly) older student than the general clerkship candidate, who has been in the workforce for some time, navigating this process has certainly been interesting so far – it is definitely the most rigorous recruitment program I’ve been through. As such it was excellent to have your guidance and advice today; I now feel a lot more prepared, so thank you.

Law student